Victoria’s Secret Angel Jasmine Tookes is tired of people asking her what she eats.

The 28-year-old, who is proudly seen modeling barely-there lingerie and swimwear for the popular fashion label, insisted there is no secret diet she follows to keep her coveted curves in runway-ready shape.


“I am so bored of people asking me what I eat every day because, honestly, I eat everything in moderation!” the model told Glamour UK Friday. “I love food so much!”

Tookes admitted that despite being a sought-after pinup, her shape does fluctuate like anyone else’s and the real secret to looking and feeling good about yourself is embracing your figure.

“You learn to love your body more and more,” said Tookes. “Especially as you get older things change, you work out a little harder or a little less. You are constantly learning to accept and love your body. Everybody has that one little thing they don’t like. You have to learn to embrace that and love that. That’s what I have done.”

But Tookes, who has been a certified Victoria’s Secret Angel since 2015, knows a thing or two about looking good in daring ensembles. She told the magazine wearing lingerie that fits properly is another way to celebrate your curves.


“I am just really big on things fitting properly,” she explained. “A lot of girls are wearing the wrong size bra. Not that long ago I was fitted in a store and I was completely off. I have been a model for nearly 10 years, and I have been wearing the wrong size bra in my personal life this whole time! So, my trick would be to just get measured. Your body changes and your bust fluctuates so it’s important to check in with your body.”

“Lingerie is more personal now — it’s about whatever makes you feel good,” added Tookes. “It’s empowering as well as sexy now. It’s about being whoever you wanna be! … You don’t have to be sexy for anyone else, you have to be sexy for yourself. It’s all about self-love and feeling good about yourself.”

Tookes, who has nearly 4 million followers on Instagram alone, stressed that she avoids reading negative comments whenever possible. It’s something that in the era of social media, she advises other women to do.

“To be honest I really try not to read it,” she admitted. “I see the first couple of words, and I think, ‘Nope! You’re not going to get into my head!’ It’s so important for people to not listen to others. Stay true to yourself and believe in yourself. Those comments are so stupid, it’s someone sitting on a computer who has nothing better to do.”


Back in 2016, Tookes told Fox News she still couldn’t believe she had earned her wings as an Angel.

“The moment I found that I was an Angel, I couldn’t believe it and still to this day I don’t believe it at all!” she said at the time. “I still see myself in the pictures of the show and I’m like, ‘Is that really me?’ Because it was such a lifelong dream of mine to be in this position and it’s so surreal. I feel very honored.”

My life has changed a little bit since I became an Angel,” she continued. “It’s so much fun and I’m a part of a whole new family. It’s like a little group of sisters. And we all get along so well. We get to travel together and work together. So it’s a lot of fun to have these other girls in your life that you can share these moments with.”

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