Kundalini tantra is usually associated only with ascetic practitioners of ancient tantra. However, it is within the reach of everyone to awaken kundalini energy within themselves. If you are not sure what kundalini tantra is all about, you should certainly inform yourself about this vital aspect of spiritual growth.

In tantra practice, kundalini energy manifests in many different ways. It follows the path of the chakras, and is experienced and expressed in each of the chakras at their own level. In an ascending order, the chakras themselves stand for the different grades of energy that the human being experiences and expresses. As such, its awakening also follows a certain path which begins with the purer expression of the baser instincts, but then ascends to elevate the tantra practitioner to new spiritual heights.

Fundamentally, kundalini is creative energy. It is so often associated with tantric sex because in the tantric sciences, sex itself is the ultimate creative act. However, mastering the intricacies of kundalini tantra is not all about attaining greater sexual prowess. It is about awakening your creative potential in all aspects of life. All the greatest composers, sportspeople and scientists of this world are expressions of this spiritual energy raised to a very high degree.

When a student of tantra has his or her kundalini awakened at the hands of an experienced tantra teacher, a graduate but substantial transformation takes place. The world remains the same, but the fact that the world is a complex, intricate illusion – or maya – is revealed clearly. This happens because way in which one perceives the world, its works and one's place in it changes with the awakening of kundalini energy. As such, a brand-new reality based on higher motives and aspirations replace the older, obsolete one.

In my years of practice as a tantra master, I have seen students' perceptions change drastically as kundalini awakening took place. Whatever their initial motives behind wanting to understand and tap into it were, these motives changed and became more mature. These changes take place not only at the spiritual and mental levels, but also at the physical level. The manner in which the physical body functions depends on a significant extent on what its owner requires of it.

As the student of tantra's priorities change with the awakening of the spiritual energy, the body adapts and changes too. These changes can be subtle, but often also quite startling. This is why the medical world has taken notice of this spiritual phenomenon and begin studying the astounding effects that kundalini awakening can have on the body.

If you are eager to explore kundalini tantra, it is vital that you find a gifted tantra master to chart your course and instruct you. Spiritual power can be subverted and has the potential of turning on someone who wields it for the wrong purposes. This unfortunate fact is the basis of the evil tantrics who get consumed by their own power depicted in many a Bollywood movie. This depiction is invariably amateurish and bereft of understanding. However, the fundamental fact that spiritual power is ineptly acquired and wrongfully used is destructive holds true.

Source by Acharya Subhojit Dasgupta

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