12 years old kid selling French fries with his brother | Hardworking People are Crazy For Street French Fries | Chicago & OPTP Fries | Aloo Chips at Karachi Food Street. Famous French Fries Street Food |Roadside Crispy French Fries | Street Food of Karachi Pakistan Two brother start to selling French fries with their har work and they do and made great taste to fee delicious and crispy French fries to people. really mouth-watering French fries and Pathan style French fries is already famous in French fries’ category. so, he told us the recipe of crispy French fries Address:- Near Shadman Town-2 Near Oxford School. Hop You like my video and if you really like street food video to give us a like and give us support subscribe to our channel and hit the bell icon, we will provide you more better video like this

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