Bhabiji Ghar Par Hain producer Sanjay Kohli feels that comedy will always be in demand.
“Bhabiji… has always focused on the storyline and subtle humor. From day 1 all the habits/, nuances for the characters got into the hearts of audiences. Comedy is something which has a feel good factor and makes you happy,” he said.
The show constantly gets awards. Talking about its popularity, he said, “Hardworking is the only investment that never fails. The character and situations are very real. It is like knowing your neighbor’s life. The popularity of the show gives me a high. We get messages on social media about how the show brings happiness to the audience.According to him, every producer wants his or her show to do well. “My better half Binaiferr Kohli, the writers and the channel all have contributed in making it successful,” he said about the &TV show. Trends in comedy keep evolving. “Comedy will never go out of fashion. The subtle and real comedy always appeals to audiences’ sensibilities and heart. Give them day-to-day experiences, and audiences start loving the story. Forced comedy is not accepted. One can watch a comedy show anytime, even if you have not been following the show, you can enjoy any episode,” said Kohli.