Nikita Rawal is a huge fitness enthusiast and she packs her food with protein and healthy carbs. She loves paneer and home cooked rajma chawal. These are high in protein and they also have good amount of micronutrients. Nikita is also a huge foodie and she feasts on the pizza and burger once in a while but mostly she works out and eats a very balanced diet. She gives out her secrets and lets just hear what our favourite girl nikita has to say.

We spoke to her and here is what the fitness enthusiast nikita says, “I am huge foodie. And in fact I work out a lot so I can earn my cheat meals. I believe in wholesome food and no crash diets. We grew from a small baby to the big humans that we are and there is no question on the quality of home food. They are packed with protein, carbs and other micronutrients. I have everything home cooked and I check the quantity of my macros and micros. That really helps me to perform at an elite level and also supplements my workouts as well. I have a protein shake post workout for quick absorption and energy. We are what we eat and that’s important to watch and analyse what we eat. Our body needs different nutrition at difficult times and we need to be aware of its needs. Love and light to all.”

We need to take a leaf out of nikita” book of fitness and we would keep all our readers updated on her fitness stories.