When sunrooms are talked about, you probably have a vision that this room is enclosed with a lot of glass. This is actually true as majority of the sunrooms built are approximately 75-90% made of glass. Having a glass sunroom is even more exciting as you get to bare the beauty of nature and allows you to feel the outdoor environment without leaving the comfort of your home. Also, you do not have to bear with all those insects and bugs. One of the benefits of a glass sunroom is that it offers an insulated room. Apart from this, many homeowners opt to build sunrooms in their homes in order to create additional space. Although a glass sunroom is very pleasing to the eyes and provides so many benefits, there are still some factors you need to consider before deciding on putting up a glass sunroom into your home. Some of the considerations you first need to ponder on include the type of materials to be used, thickness of the walls, total size of the room, thickness and width of the insulated glass panes, specifications of aluminum alloy and lastly, the type of wood .

Design is also another factor that you need to consider when building a sunroom. Of course this is important as you want your sunroom to complete the overall look of your home. When choosing the right design for your sunroom, it is also important to stick with the light colors. Choosing this kind of color can offer so many advantages to your sunroom. Light colors can help keep the sun sunroom cool during warm days and at the same time keep you warm during winter. Lighter shades of color are also advantageous because it can easily adjust to whatever type of room furniture. In this way, you will not have any burdens in choosing the furniture you think would best suit your sunroom. And most importantly, light colors are a huge help if you want to make your room appear bigger. Some of the popular colors that are used in sunrooms include the shades of white, pink, blue, green and crème.

Another key factor when it comes to designing a sunroom is to balance the room with an aquatic element since the enclosed area can be filled with the rays of the sun during the day. Aquariums and small water foundations can be great additions to your sunroom. These aquatic elements can also enhance the sunroom's energy efficiency. And lastly, the soothing sound of the water can help you in your relaxation hours.

Of course, wicker furniture is part of any sunroom. A sunroom that is filled with this kind of furniture really creates an earthy look. If you are looking for wicker furniture, why not try the bamboo mattresses? This would create the finishing touch to the look you want to create in your sunroom. And when designing your dream sunroom, you need to employ a hideaway screw technology that does not easily succumb to stretch.

Sunrooms are an exciting feature in your home but you can make it even more exciting if you add a little glamor to it by knowing all the important tips on how to design your very own sunroom.

Source by Andrew Caxton

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