Designer Anjali Phougat has spoken up on the Aryan Khan case that has been making headlines since last week.

“I feel Aryan Khan is paying the cost of being a star kid. People talk about nepotism but there’s no denying the fact that if you are a celebrity, your life is not your own because of social media, fans and the public have got close access to stars and their lives. How they live, what they wear, their partners, their kids… fans have access to everyone and everything. But stardom comes with a hefty price where the public is quick to put you on a pedestal and equally quick to throw stones at you the moment they notice any controversy,” she said.

There are many theories that started surfacing after his arrest in connection with Mumbai drug bust. “There is news around of no drugs found on Aryan Khan; what are the accusations against him? It’s a part and parcel of any high-profile arrest. Just because he is SRK’s son, the news has been making headlines and the media ignored much important news because of this,” said Anjali. A lot of celebrities like Hrithik Roshan and Farah Khan have taken a stand for Aryan and appealed to set him free or have extended open support.

“It’s good to see people coming in support from Bollywood and many SRK fans. There are many other major issues no one is paying attention to and several people die every day in slums due to hunger and drugs but no one is showing that or even paying attention to. Aryan can not be the only one on cruise partying. That’s the cost he is paying for being a celebrity kid. We hope and pray he comes out from this situation soon and justice is served. My heart goes out to the family,” said the designer.

Drug abuse has become a topic of discussion again. “This gave a strong message to youth, if you are famous or not, law will take its course and youth should stay away from drugs because it’s life-threatening and youth is the future for the country, and should focus on studies and their career and help in making the world a better place,” she said.