A documentary By Mariya Sohail & Anam Ashraf Supervised By Col. Safir Tarar.
The very first purpose of this documentary is to create awareness among people about the transgender and transsexual and how they are different from each other. It is observed that most of the people do not even consider them as a part of their community; massive rejections are often faced by trans-genders in almost all the parts of Pakistan. Transgender are the people who do not have right to get education and to do job in Pakistan. Many members of Pakistan’s transgender community have studied until the Intermediate level.We realize that our society neglect transgender community, most of the people do not even consider them as a human being.
The Government is not only suppose to establish and law regulate transgenders, but also implement those laws. Government also has to provide jobs and properly ban night functions and begging by the transgender. As a responsible citizen of society, we are liable to play our role to make transgender part of our society.