I noticed this heartbreaking story from a post of GMB Akash. This reflects a mother’s journey for survival and I thought that this would be an inspiring story for everyone. In a world with so much hate and wants, we often forget that our parents work hard to provide us with our needs and worst is that we neglect their presence thinking that they’ll live forever. Here’s a story that will make you thank your mother for being wonderful and amazing through the best and worst times of your life.

A mother is a picture perfect symbolism of unconditional love, untiring patience, and unending sacrifice.From womb to tomb, our mother lights our path, ease our worries, share our burdens and loves us unconditionally. She serves as our guide, mentor, and confidante. She never fails to provide us with our daily need. She always listens to our pleas and issues, provides us with the best advice, and supports us in every way. She makes our lives’ easier and bearable, understands our weaknesses and faults, accepts our darkest side, believes in our innate goodness and sees us as the best gift they ever received. But do we know how much sacrifice she makes to give us a better life? The story below will enlighten us on how deep a mother’s love can go.

“I cannot explain how hard I work. To earn every single penny I put my sweat and blood in the work I am doing. How much labour I need to put to survive my job only labourer like me can understand. Every day I thought what is the meaning of this life! Why I have to go through so much pain! But at evening when I return to home with food for my child then I become a different person. When I feed my child I become the happiest person of this world. I feel no more pain, nothing can hurt my heart anymore, when my child touches me and smiles, I become different. Who can be happier than me?” -Runa, a single mother with her only son Nasir

For single parents like Runa, thank you for being strong and brave enough to support your children. It may not be as easy as it seems but you remained stronger than the challenges of raising your kids. May the almighty provide you with enough courage to continue your journey as a mother. May this story brings hope to the hopeless. Let’s take a pause to call and thank our parents for their eternal love.

Photo credits to GMB AKASH